Litigation Team

  • Family Law Attorney Napa, CA Nicholas Van Male - Gaw Van Male Smith & Reynolds APC
  • Gaw Van Male Smith & Reynolds APC Napa, CA Business Law Attorney Teresa Cunningham
  • Todd Wenzel, Wine Law Attorney Napa, CA - Gaw Van Male Smith & Reynolds APC

GVM is fully-aware of the potential for contentious relationships, no matter how amicably they start, and for objections or interference from third parties, no matter how worthy your goals.

So, when a dispute arises, GVM’s Litigation Team is here to help. Working in conjunction with our Wealth Preservation, Business, Wine Law, Real Estate, and Tax Teams, GVM’s litigators handle all types of disputes. From trust and estate litigation, to disputes arising out of general business matters, real estate deals, construction projects, employment relationships, we have the expertise to assist.

Our Litigation Team prides itself on being able to quickly identify issues and to resolve concerns early on in the process.  We then focus our efforts on resolving conflicts through negotiation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, reserving our experience and enviable record of success in the courtroom for controversies that, for whatever reason, cannot be otherwise resolved.