Real Estate Team

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Real estate acquisition, finance, leasing, and sale transactions are like a game of chess. You need to anticipate your next few moves, and those of your opponent. GVM’s real estate lawyers are masters at the game and, for us, the question is not whether to make the deal work, it’s how to make it work quickly, efficiently, and in a way that makes the most business sense. We also pride ourselves on taking a team approach. We work together with your accountants, real estate brokers, bankers, investment advisors, and other key people to get the job done.  

GVM’s Real Estate Team is also well-equipped to handle land use planning, permitting, and disputes that are often complicated by politics and public controversy. We pride ourselves on being able to map out the most direct approval route to avoid public scrutiny whenever possible. And, if problems do arise, we work hard to resolve issues at the administrative level, which saves our clients time and money.

Finally, GVM’s Real Estate Team has paved the way (pun intended) to help our clients preserve and protect their agricultural land for estate planning, tax, or other purposes. So, when you want to pass your old-growth zinfandel vineyard to your children and ensure the land retains its agricultural character for as long as possible, GVM’s Real Estate Team will lead the way by identifying which land-preservation mechanism will best suit your needs. We are experts at navigating through the process of applying for and negotiating Williamson Act contracts and conservation easements and look forward to assisting you in this regard.